“It is not the strongest nor the most intelligent who will survive, but those who can best manage change,”

                                     Charles Darwin

Japan: Managing Change at Scale

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Focus Cubed Inc is a change management consultancy focusing on helping global companies address and harness change positively in their business in Japan.


Our services range from challenge-response coaching to engagement training to full-on change management services for business or digital transformation.


We also run risk impact assessments, providing insight into friction that can negatively affect projects, initiatives, or reveal leftover baggage from the past that may be impacting your business today.


Japanese sometimes do business differently, with different expectations, assumptions and approaches. Trying to change their minds or methods can be challenging.


We've come to the conclusion that just by being a foreigner in Japan, you become an agent of change. Not necessarily by choice, but by default. 


Rather than the exception, this appears to be the norm. If the this rings true for you, click below to read on. 


Change readiness: Leaders and teams with the ability to define, analyze, and manage change in Japan, positively affecting response time

Ongoing assessments that provide a deeper insight into your employees' mindset and challenges


Messaging that initiates a more positive, anticipative approach to change


Improved risk management directly affecting schedules, resources

and final adoption

An environment where people more readily volunteer their thoughts & proactively engage



Founded in 2006, Focus Cubed Inc is a boutique consultancy focusing on helping global companies make needed changes, in sometimes seemingly passive, yet resistant environments, to their business in Japan.

From years of experience in Japan, Focus Cubed has developed an approach that weaves together both Western and Japanese business sense so that change can be custom-fit for transformations, initiatives or day-to-day business operations in Japan.


We support people and companies to bring change in a way that works a bit smoother for everyone, positively impacting schedules, resources and adoption.


Our clients vary greatly. From individuals new to Japan to those implementing change at scale for teams and entire organizational initiatives and transformations, managing both from within and outside of Japan.


The one common thread is the resolve to gain more control over how to navigate business in Japan.


A short, 15-minute call can reveal if there’s any merit for us to explore this in more detail. Let's talk.



Jason Gill
Operations Manager

I was fortunate to work with Warren as we launched a critical L&D transformation program in our Japan office. Warren’s ability to plan and execute an effective change management plan was essential in changing mindsets and ultimately ensuring success during a time of significant change. 

Hajime Miyazaki,
Takeda Business Services Americas

...What really sets him apart from other change managers and consultants for change is his awareness and understanding of cultural differences as well as business practices, thereby allowing him to help his customers to effectively implement changes, not only in the Western business environment but also the Japanese business environment...

Shin Miyatsu
GM, Asia & UK Digitaization
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance 

This program was an eye opener for myself  and my Japan and global teams, as we struggled with a transformation. Even though I had worked in a multi-national environment for years, I found that communicating change  to people from different cultures requires specific knowledge and skills that I learned from Warren. I am sure he can help both Japanese and non-Japanese who work together but become frustrated!