Friction Point Analysis™

using real time data to raise team performance

Friction Point Analysis™

Friction Point Analysis™,  using real time data to raise team performance

 A friction point (FP) indicates an actual or potential challenge that can adversely affect the performance of individuals and teams. In Japan, because of the culture, FPs are difficult to detect. FPs usually smolder for a long time, slowly causing damage. These almost never 'burst into flame' so go unrecognized. In fact,  a sampling of teams from 15 companies representing 7 different industries including retail, IT, consulting, finance, fashion, automotive and healthcare shows that a staggering 63.6% say they are 'frustrated',  while only 8.6% of their foreign colleagues realize there may be a problem. That frustration is an example of a friction point, that, left unchecked, can cause teams to substantially under perform. This, in many cases, leaves management aware of a problem, but unable to locate the root cause, and so, unnecessarily, leaving it to fester. It doesn't have to be that way.


We specialize in working with foreign companies in Japan. Our, unique, Friction Point Analysis™ process is designed to assess team performance  of companies with multicultural environments. You learn how they see themselves and their colleagues. By analysing your teams' FPs, you gain solid metrics from both Japanese and their foreign colleagues. This data allows for the development of dual solutions for eliminating friction points and raising team performance. Friction Point Analysis™ can be used for individuals, leadership, management and functional teams and entire organizations. 


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