Japan Biz: Negotiating the Grey Maze

Negotiating the Grey Maze

A toolkit of just-in-time fixes for working successfully in Japan

Bite-sized fixes

This evolving, interactive toolkit is a resource for any non-Japanese who works with Japanese, either in Japan or virtually. Use it when you want to solve a challenge or want to share one with the group. These suggestions can be used to influence the mindsets and behaviours of both teams and organizations, supporting change.

Japan was never meant to be easy…

Having lived and worked in Japan for over 30 years now, I’ve learned that it’s not always easy;-) During those times, I’ve often felt as if I was negotiating multiple paths of a grey maze that lacked clarity and tangible substance. I’m sure this feeling goes both ways as Japanese can also find it difficult to deal with non-Japanese. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are both long term solutions and quick fixes for a host of challenges.

Managing & influencing outcomes

For a number of years now my colleague, Masa Someya, and I have been supporting organizations that sometimes struggle to integrate local and global work environments. From M&As and in-house transformations to working with small teams or coaching individuals, we’ve come across quite a number of challenges that span industries and we’d like to share our observations and potential fixes. While at the same time, we invite you to add your thoughts and experiences as it’s our collaborative efforts that can create truly innovative solutions.

Dual Perspectives

We have discovered that by adopting their perspecitve, you can influence outcomes more deftly. And by helping others to adopt your perspective, you slowly influence changes in minset and behaviour. While these posts reflect my perspective, Masa has reviewed all scenarios to ensure that everything also aligns with the Japanese perspective.

Short & simple format

We’ve kept the format short, just three sections,

  1. Observed behavior: Business scenarios described as you might experience them

  2. Underlying mindset: The reasoning behind the behaviors to better understand the Japanese mindset so you can better respond, improving outcomes

  3. Potential fixes: We provide you with 2 approaches, the quick one where you utilize the Japanese perspective & the longer fix leveraging a more Western one.

Fixes, quick & easy to find

We’ve kept it simple so you can find what you want and put it to work quickly. Search using the menu or key words.

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