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Change doesn’t have to be frustrating.

Our services are designed specifically for Japan. Each one weaves traditional change management with our proven assessment, engagement and coaching techniques, developed over years of working with Japanese struggling in global environments.


Blend proven Japanese management techniques with your own to achieve results beyond change, so you can align with Japanese perspectives, impacting business outcomes.

Customized and Scaled to your needs

Business Meeting
At the Meeting Room

Managing Japan
from Within and Without

✓ Leverage analytical tools that reveal specific, underlying challenges that, quite often inherited, subtly impact responses and outcomes 

✓ Blend proven Japanese approaches with your own to better align thinking, collaboration and commitment  

✓ Raise engagement levels to more proactive, global norms

✓ Move your team from accepting to suggesting change

✓ Customized and scaled to your needs

Managing Japanese

Change Readiness
for Japan

✓ Prepare your teams and leaders, in advance, for managing change in Japan

✓ The ability to recognize, assess, and manage change ensures faster response, onboarding and implementation at any scale

✓ Build resilience and motivation to respond positively to change, whether from planned projects, client interactions, the market or industry

✓ By having a solid process for mapping change to Japan in place, change moves from a potential surprise to an expected occurrence

✓ Train your teams for the change-ready mindset they need in today's constantly evolving workplace

Change Readiness for Japan
Yoga Practice

Managing Change for 
Transformations and Initiatives

✓ Navigating business in Japan requires aligning both global and Japanese business sensibilities. Initiatives and transformations test this alignment to the max

✓ Work, especially schedules, can  begin to slip off track, derailing not from lack of skill or knowledge but rather from misunderstandings based on prevailing assumptions on both sides

✓ Adverse impact to schedules, resources and adoption can be greatly reduced by clarifying and aligning these assumptions


✓ That’s where we come in. Applying the Dual Perspective Approach provides insight into prevailing mindsets. That’s then leveraged to craft change and communication response plans that make sense, aligning mutual outcomes


✓ Customized and scaled to your needs

Managing Change for Initiatives

Troubleshooting in Japan

✓ A large part of the troubleshooting we’re involved with concerns baggage from the past that directly influences team assumptions, expectations and, in turn, coloring their response to change

✓ Much goes unspoken here and left unchecked, tends to smolder until reaching its flashpoint

✓ Our clients leverage us, as a third party. This allows you to step back, increasing your objectivity and decision-making efficiency

✓ Customized and scaled to your needs

Troubleshooting in Japan

Managing Change for M&A Transitions

✓ Assess, reveal and respond to potential challenges or areas of resistance that can lay just below the surface as Japanese tend not to voice concerns publicly 

✓ Develop very specifically targeted alignment response messaging based on acquired data, deftly weaving together both global and local nuances, smoothing transition 

✓ Customized and scaled to your needs

Managing Transitions for M&A
Clock Gears

Tools of the Trade

Dual Perspective Approach, shaping and blending  the inherent and sometimes seemingly opposing assumptions and expectations of both sides into one message to which all can agree and commit

Friction Point Analysis compares how Japanese and their foreign colleagues engage, revealing areas of challenge that often fly under the radar

Risk Impact Assessment: Assess job-specific risk with regard to change to ensure smoother, more effective adoption 

Challenge-response coaching: Focusing on specific, prioritized challenges revealed through workplace assessments

Engagement training to align mindsets so change becomes not only accepted but anticipated 

Full change management suite completely adapted for the dual perspective nature of the global company in Japan


All this and more is at your disposal, just ask. 

Tools of the Trade
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